Saturday, 23 January 2016


Sometimes nobody listens to you,
No matter how much you shout,
No matter how much you cry,
Doesn't matter how much you've bent,
When a you are not allowed to make mistakes,
A single toe out of the line could mean the end,
Like nothing is secure,
everything so obscure

Sometimes you were just you,
Not trying to be somebody else,
But that version of you doesn't fit some people's cup of tea,
Either too small or too big,
Or too shallow or too thick,
When you are not allowed to be disappointed,
Because you are supposed to be the stronger one,
Defying gravity, defying the sun

Sometimes all you need is security,
Endless trials, endless forgiveness,
Without being compared to their perfect past,
Or constantly reminded that you are flawed,
Sometimes you need someone who cries at the thought of you leaving,
Not someone who constantly makes you feel replaceable,
Unafraid of losing you in this world.