Wednesday, 30 March 2011

As March Dies...

i just love rooftops.


If I were to be born again,
I'd choose to be a toothbrush,
     a watch,
         a bed,
Something that you can buy,
I'd always be with you,
Because you need me..

Every single morning,
I'd be the first thing you kiss,
You'd need me to go out with,
And everytime you look at me,
I'd tell you the time,
No matter where you go,
You'd come back to sleep with me

If I were to be born again,
I'd choose to be your birthmark,
To show the world that you are mine,
A defect to your appearance,
Yet it makes you significant,
You're gonna hate and love me,
Together we are one.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Indonesia oh Indonesia...

Have ever felt utterly sick by a particular nation's actions? I don't know what they want to prove. Its like they're tryin to say that "hey byotch, u think u can do? i can do too u know". But the funny thing is, when we Malaysians innovate their arts peaceably, or claim sharing of identity on some of the Nusantara arts (in this case some of them were even here in Tanah Melayu long before the Republic of Indonesia was even created), they retaliate. Calling Malaysia as Malingsia and stuffs. Like we care.

This group really really really went against the nation's claim that they are original and creative. Thank you SM*SH. But really, you guys SUCK

oh, and tiba ada this funny parody from and by Indonesians. heeeee. not so blind are they.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


As I walked out the front door,
Rain caressed my hair,
I looked up to the sky and felt suddenly alone,
Nobody to shelter me,
Took a taxi and put on my earphones,
Rode the slow red car,
Waded through mud and water,
As more water sprinkled the windscreen,
Sad songs filled my ears,
Tried hard to hold my tears,
Looked down at my wet shoes,
Felt miserable and lonely,
Wished for a magic lamp to appear,
And grant my deepest desires,
To be at the back seat of that car,
With someone to hold my hand,
A shoulder for my heavy head,
A hand to wipe my fears,
And a voice to say this would all go away,
But the rain poured on,
And I was still next to the driver,
As lonely as ever

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Betul ke DSAI ada video porno?

Tajuk nak gempak kan. Padahal baru 5 follower.. hahahaha... yang 5 orang ni ntah baca entah tidak aku merepek kat blog ni... anyway, pada seribu lebih discrete follower lain, hello korang  *cricket sound*

Daripada kita buat dosa mencerca dan mengkaji posisi ape Datuk Seri amalkan di atas ranjang, lebih baik kita berbicara tentang revolusi 25 Januari di Mesir... Yeap, hundreds died during the revolution period. Their motto was "better die for something than live for nothing". I was personally impressed at how united they were, regardless of religion and status quo. The power of unity brought a tyrant down after 29 years in office.

Not interested in their political state. I want to say a few words about the post-revolution people.

The Egyptians i knew were very afraid of speaking freely, afraid to voice out their anger (only to the government mind you) eventhough they were obviously, cruelly oppressed. I used to hear my friends said "We just accept what we have. And we are happy about it". But when I asked "Don't you want something better for your sons and daughters?", their replies were always "Shukurillah" (shukur pada Allah). Like there was nothing that could be done to change their destiny. 

But now, after Mubarak stepped down, I see light in their eyes. Hope is blooming once again.

Hope for a better future
Hope for a better income
Hope for a better life...

And they are not stopping at bringing down Mubarak and his government. Everyone is doing their part, no matter big or small, for the sake of being a better person at the very least. I see students campaigning for cleaner streets (though i did question what does a clean street have to do with the Mubarak regime..?), no more religious partitians, they now know their rights as tax payers, their rights as the sons and daughters of the nile and more importantly, no more kissing the government's ass.

Egypt is currently under the military-led temporary government. I just found out that the military power is not under direct control of the parliament. But the police force was, and still is. I see friendly soldiers guarding the streets with their rifles, riding tanks and smiling. No more scary looking police officers who looked like they'd imprison you for looking happy or something. 

And a funny sight in Zagazig is that I couldn't find a single picture of Mubarak, or Suzanne the wife anywhere in town. The people tore EVERY single one of them. Even the embossed sculpture of Suzanne's face on the Zagazig Public Library (a month ago it was Zagazig Mubarak Public Library) wall is now changed with the Egyptian flag. The rest of their pictures are either smeared with paints or simply mutilated. I am not surprised if the Mubarak Metro Station at Ramses Square is changed to something else. HAHAHA.

oh, "FU*K MUBARAK" is a common thing in the streets nowadays. Though it seems savage and vulgar and uncivilised to some of us, but who are we to judge their feelings and anger after being held hostage in their own homes for almost 3 decades.

ingat pesan tokmak, "tongah lomak tu bghonti"

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Updates From Egypt

Updates from Egypt..

1) Sejuk sangat2... all my jackets except for one fancy trenchcoat were left in Malaysia... menggigil2 dekat airport, had to take out the trenchcoat... so jadik famous kejap coz it was awkward. anywayy... gaya itu memukau

2) Classes start on 20th of March. buat ape 5 hari? khatam movie2 dlm hardisk.

3) Semalam revise microbiology... omg. ape ni? camtu la kirenye... pitamlaaa

4) tak boleh dengar lagu "suatu masa" by m. nasir. sensitip. dont ask why.

5) i feel a bit torn these days. too many secrets fill my mind. feel like blowing up.

6) macam2 anugerah aku dpt this week "Anugerah Pelacur Lantai Tari", "Pelacur Kamera Paling Berhasil", "Perosak Rumah Tangga" etc etc. tatau nk letak trophies dekat mana

7) segala jenis minyak yang aku bawak dari Malaysia jadik keras. ok perlu plak citer ni kan.

8) Can't wait for Siti's english album

9) Zagazig penuh dengan kereta kebal. Cool wooh...

10) Locals tanye "kenapa kau balik time2 macam ni?" wtf sgt kan...?

11) Wisma Putra dan UMNO Selangor masih belum beri bantuan. sedih tawww.

12) Tertinggal my vitamins kat Malaysia T_T abis la kulit i !!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

whatever happens, jangan lupakan i

Andai mampu ku ulang detik waktu,
Akan ku tegur kau lama dahulu,
Tak akan ku bazir usiaku,
Menanti cinta sempurna mu..

Namun kita bertemu saat ini,
Disaat cintamu telah dimiliki,
Hatimu ingin ku curi-curi,
Tapi itu sekadar mimpi

Terima kasih cinta,
Kau beri peluang seketika cuma,
Untuk diri merasa bahagia,
Bersama insan yang sempurna

Kuharap nanti kan tiba masa,
Aku dan kau saling menerima,
Bercinta bahagia tanpa batasnya,
Ku tunggu waktunya tiba

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lie If You Must

I own a cruel heart,
I'm lethal like a poisonous dart,
I ride a unicorn,
My middle name is not forlorn,
I'm free as the wind,
I'm regal like a queen,
I dine like a king,
I have lots of rings,
I laugh like a child,
My spirit is wild,
I never cry,
I never shy,
I don't know pain,
I'm perfect like a saint,
I never sigh,
and I never lie. 

Whispered Truths

Burning earth beneath my feet,
Placing my steps on the coolest spots,
Comfort is hoped pain is inevitable,
Lost my way on this barren land 
Stars don't shine the path I take,
Life is what I seek death is what I meet,
My flesh scars and the blood clots,
Kingdom of heaven is just a fable,
A make-believe for creatures called men,
Nothing is real, and everything is fake.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ni Kire Rasuah Ke?

Hello everyone, I am still thinking bout the concept I want to use for my new blog. But I think that shouldn't keep me from updating the posts right? *hello, baru 2 org je folo blog neh. mana lagi 50 lebih dari blog lama... =((((*

Anywayyyy, I am counting the days to my flight back to Egypt. Am officially sponsored by the Opposition-Led Selangor Government, and now I am queuing for some cash sponsor thingy by the UMNO of Selangor. I am indeed disturbed by the status of these contributions. I mean, they clearly have underlying intentions behind those gracious cheques. And there aren't that many political parties in Malaysia for me to choose from (haha, at least not as much as they have in Egypt and still Hosny Mubarak won majority by 96.6%. wtf sgt kan?). So now that I am eligible to vote in the coming general elections, Allah, help me choose wisely. Both parties, in my opinion, have their flaws.

If I were to choose any of them, would that be considered as a bribe? I know that if I don't choose any, I'm not doing my part as the citizen of this beautiful country.

... or perhaps I am thinking wayy too much. The money that they contribute aren't that much after all. Enough for some Zara or Topman. *pitam*

I've found a good use of the money I got from UMNO. This book called "Tun Mahathir : A Doctor In The House" was released earlier today. I know it is controversial, and perhaps might be banned later like "The Malay Dilemma". So I better get one today. Yeay! Excited to hear about DSAI's sex scandals!

Till next time. 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bagaikan Burung Phoenix Bangkit Dari Abu!

Awas dunia, Syamsuddin Bin Faruok tak mungkin lenyap dengan mudah dari dunia penulisan bebas. The song says it all. Welcome back, myself. Awas dunia!