Friday, 30 December 2011

Let me remember you this way

Let me remember the best of you,
We were both in white,
Your smile made the stars envy,
As i hugged you from the back,
Then you kissed my forehead,
Held my hands and kissed my lips

Let me remember the best of us,
The tears we shared together,
Warm nights so perfect,
Coldplay crooned softly,
When we were together the moon shone brighter,
How my heart bloomed silently

Let them be preserved that way,
Let me remember you this way.

Monday, 19 December 2011


if love needs actions,
then how does an infant love,
if love needs proof,
then how do prophets love
if love needs sounds,
then how do the deaf love,
If love needs words,
then how does a mute love

there is no possible way for you to know just how much I love you

It feels like a movie

When you walk down a busy road,
with songs in your ear,
people pass you by,
but the only thing that matters,
is the song you're hearing,
and the path you're taking,
it feels like being in a movie,
the typical scene where the actor feels numb,
not taking in anything the senses offer,
just walking through the crowd,
and thinking why does loneliness linger,
when the world is bursting with sights and sounds,
the only one that you see,
is the only one that you wish to be with,
to hold your hand and walk together slowly,
how beautiful our smiles would be.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Reader's Request

one of my kind readers thought that it would be great if i post a video of myself reciting my own poems. to make him/her feel my words better, he/she said. why not. so here it is. =/

Wahid, One, Satu,

You start counting seconds, hours and years,
After something good happens,
To see how long the good thing lasts,
And later to recall how the good thing started,
That is what normal people do

I count the seconds, hours and years,
After something good died,
To see how long I could last,
And hoping to forget how it ended,
Norm to me, abnormal to you

December 10th, 2011

Thursday, 8 December 2011

We only live once

We only live once,
Youth comes and goes,
No room for grief,
No space for sorrows,
What we have now,
Are the things we'd recall later,
I want to get old without fear,
Traipsing contently towards the skies,
With nothing but my smiling eyes,
Loving, and beloved

When death parts my soul from my body,
I wish that my tomb is void of sadness,
No room for grief,
No space for sorrows,
Let the world know I was happy,
And happy enough to depart forever,
For the world was a nice place,
A nicer place awaits in the hereafter,
Let the goodbye tears be happy ones,
Because we only die once

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Silly Thoughts

What could've been so wonderful,
is now buried deep deep down,
lost in memories of sad sad things,
a hope so so high,
that fell so so hard

What should've been so fulfilling,
is now an eerie eerie hole,
borderless and very very deep,
an emptiness of great great vastness,
filled with air of cold cold sorrow

What would've been my greatest comfort,
is now my terrible terrible grief,
longing for the far far away,
begging love from the wrong wrong people,
given choices with sad sad endings

Thursday, 1 December 2011

if toys could talk

If toys could talk,
they'd ask you take them everywhere,
cry when you put them down,
and they'd tell you how happy they are,
everytime you play them around

when you bring a new toy home,
they'd tell you how jealous they feel,
they'd scream at the sight of the new collection,
some would try to reason with you,
and the new toy would ask "who're they?"

and if you ever break their arms,
they'd say 'its okay' but really they are afraid,
will you ever love them the same,
are u going to stop playing games,
for broken toys are left under the bed

p/s : how could toys express their feelings when humans are still learning to do so