Wednesday, 6 July 2011


As a student studying in Egypt, I guess I do know the Arab Revolution early this year a bit more compared to those people in Malaysia who were spoonfed by the international media. I have been wanting to draw this comparison between Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil (BERSIH2.0) and the Egyptian Revolution (25JAN) for as long as I can remember. The thing that inhibited my fingers from typing this post out before this was the fact that I doubted BERSIH2.0's intention.

As we all know, BERSIH2.0 is greatly supported by the opposing parties, Pakatan Rakyat (PR). I had this small tiny winy thought that BERSIH2.0 might be one of their methods to gain the public support to overthrow the BN government like the Egyptians throw their own Mubarak government, and the citizens are merely pawns who'd get beaten up by the police, caught by ISA, attacked with tear gas in the open demonstration in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Like a cloudy day, shadows don't hang around long. My doubts were gone early today when I found out that they are going to divert the rally to Stadium Negara. This is good news. Because the idea of doing the assembly in a stadium came from the government, and BERSIH2.0 took it with an open heart. Democracy prevails. A very good news.

So what is the difference between BERSIH2.0 and 25JAN?

25JAN was held to overthrow the government. Specifically the president, Hosny Mubarak. Mubarak was in power for more than 28 years, corruptions everywhere, failed to improve his people's lives and in fact oppressed them openly. 25JAN's sole demand was for Mubarak to step down.

BERSIH2.0, on the other hand, does not demand anything from the government, we still believe greatly in democracy, and the people's faith in the BN government is not totally lost. At least BERSIH2.0 has the courtesy to not directly defame the government with its demands. The only party that should be greatly feel ashamed by BERSIH2.0 is SPR. Everyone should be aware that SPR is NOT under the government's wing. It is, or in this case, it should be free of any influence. The SPR should be transparent, not only for the current government, but for all the governments that come, as long as democracy is practiced in Malaysia. BN supporters are more than welcome to join BERSIH2.0!

To some who greatly annoy me by saying "we are still students, why bother with politics?" or simply "I malas campur", let me say that you all are being extremely ignorant and selfish. Whatever food that comes to your table depends on politics. Whatever education your children get, depends on politics. If you don't give a damn about politics, it means you are simply enjoying the benefits that others worked hard for.

Sadly, the students in Malaysia aren't allowed to involve in any kinds of politics. This, is bull's arse. Remember the older people used to say that the youngsters are the leaders of the future? Just when is the future exactly? Instead of keep saying it, why not hand it over already? I am doing medicine, will end my life as a student at the age of 25. I shall work as a doctor for 3 years, then later perhaps continue my studies for another 5 years or so, then do my sub-specialist course and finally stop studying by the age of plus minus 35. All these years, since i was aged 7 to 35, I am not legally permitted to be involved in politics, constantly under fear that my scholarship is to be retracted from me, fear of ISA etc2.

Funny enough to know that my scholarship is said to be given by the government, when it is really tax payers' hard-earned money. I hate it when people assume the government is a permanent thing. It is not. That is what democracy is all about.

Tell me, if the youngsters are really the leaders of the future, then why the hell the youngest member of the cabinet today is 45?

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P/S : BERSIH2.0 is not a political movement. it is merely asking for a fair competition in the elections (don't you think its funny it is actually being asked for when it is really basic human right?). I may not be involved in politics, but I can surely give my opinions on the matter, and since I'm 22, i have the right to vote =)


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