Thursday, 8 December 2011

We only live once

We only live once,
Youth comes and goes,
No room for grief,
No space for sorrows,
What we have now,
Are the things we'd recall later,
I want to get old without fear,
Traipsing contently towards the skies,
With nothing but my smiling eyes,
Loving, and beloved

When death parts my soul from my body,
I wish that my tomb is void of sadness,
No room for grief,
No space for sorrows,
Let the world know I was happy,
And happy enough to depart forever,
For the world was a nice place,
A nicer place awaits in the hereafter,
Let the goodbye tears be happy ones,
Because we only die once


  1. No room or no space does not mean that it wasn't there, it more sounds like a kind of avoidance or suppression. Instead we should learn how to overcome them, and for that we need to give them space... if we don't let them into our life, we won't ever know how to handle them.

  2. hello tony,
    that's the beauty of blogs, i create my own world =)