Monday, 2 April 2012


I believe I am such a good liar that whatever I say seems to be so convincing, even though the things that I say are so far away from the truth. I keep too many things inside, that sometimes I feel like I'm living another world. A world full of deceit and dishonesty.

I pretend like I don't care, but the truth is I care more than anyone else in the world. I tell people I'm fine, but my closest friends know I'm not. Therefore I am very grateful to have some of the most understanding friends in the world.

As you all may know, secrets aren't easy to be kept. They have a will of their own. A will to be made known to whoever the secrets are being kept from. They scrape your insides, forever wanting to get out. The thing is, nobody knows what would happen if they do get out. They are called secrets for some reasons, no?

I don't know how long can I hold these scrapings and scratchings. I really don't.

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  1. Oh my... I think we are alike..... but do not be too harsh to yourself... like me, I believe you have to learn to trust the right people... maybe you been through a lot like me as well....