Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Unmet desires.

I don't know why,
at times i feel so empty,
like a dying battery,
the metallic taste of both poles,
doesn't reflect the life it holds,
the end has come,
to its end it shall succumb.

I don't know why,
This whole life business is tiring,
too much regrets and too much worrying,
we start our day with so many visions,
but the day ends with so many questions,
we are heroes in our dreams,
and wake up to be slaves of our dreams.

I don't know why,
We have desires,
Craving that never tires,
Need to get rid of these longings,
of love, of care, of things,
Necessities make us weak,
Needs make us bleak,

and desires make us fools.

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