Thursday, 13 June 2013

Not-okays would eventually become okays

There was a time when I detested medical students not wearing lab coats in practical classes. I detested it so much that I would curse them inside. Days, weeks and months passed by. Being the only guy who wore a lab coat in class became a bit awkward. I first leave my lab coat in my bag. Then later I stopped taking it to classes altogether. Wearing a lab coat in class is now the awkward gesture.

I am now OK with not wearing proper lab coats in class. Which is wrong. Knowing that the wrong is the norm just doesn't justify. I dream of a time when lab coats are relevant. A time when I don't have to feel guilty of doing something right, or making others feel guilty for not being as conventional as I am.

Too many of wrongs would eventually become the norm. It is normal to everyone. To you perhaps. But deep down I curse myself for following your footsteps.

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