Saturday, 22 July 2017

If Only

If only circumstances were different,
I would tell you what I feel,
The jealousy and madness that torment,
With my dying breath I would ask you to think,
The words you said and the tears you never shed,
The loneliness that accompany me in bed,
When all was dark and stars were dead

I would ask you to cry,
For all the right reasons,
I would ask you to fight for me,
For a night just about me,
No one else but me,
I would ask you to be mine,
and mine only

But you have a dark past,
That clings to you still like a vise,
And I promised to be there for you,
Even when it kills me on the inside,
Because my understanding of love is deep,
Deeper than you'll ever reach,
Promises made I will always keep,
Even when there are a million reasons for me to breech

Open your eyes before it gets too dark,
Open your heart before its too late,
Life is an ongoing fight,
Choose your battles right,
Tell me I'm not the one,
Even then I will never run,
Love is about giving, giving it all,
All mine, ever thine. 

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