Thursday, 26 May 2011

So whaddya do when you're stressed out by exams?

For me, I simply stress myself more by studying. Just when my brain can't absorb any other things but porn to rest, I turn to MUSIC. Yes. Very GLEEK of you Syam.

Oh well, singing your ass out really does help you reduce your stress level, release more serotonin and dopamine, and then you'll be more active and somehow a few gigabytes of the wastes in your brain is freed and there you go, more space for more inputs.

I know that I don't sound as good as my other siblings or friends, but who the fuck cares. I just love to belt it out in the toilet, car, Markaz Alif Baa Taa etc2.

I've killed 3 papers, another 11 to go. KILL ME!

credits to the guitarist, Hazim Zulkifli

P/S : Rebecca Black, awas!

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