Friday, 20 May 2011

to meet, to part, and to meet again

 Port Klang. The place I fell in love with you

Hey you,
Remember that night,
We went to the sea,
I counted stars,
You were there for me

Hey you,
Did you notice me tremble?
The first time I held out a hand,
You took it confidently,
I tried to be cool as a real man

Hey you,
Remember the laughs we had?
The smiles we gave,
The tears we shed,
Those are the things I crave

Hey you,
Did you notice my voice shook?
The time you called was just right,
I was waiting for my luggage at the airport,
But really, I was waiting for your "sayang alright?"

Hey you,
I never had the chance to tell you,
My heart quivered at every touch,
Your smiles were candies,
Now I miss them so much

Hey you,
Though the time we spent was short,
The hours we had were countable,
I pray that our paths would somehow meet,
And hopefully then we are both single


  1. maliq, the place is remarkably romantic at night. we sat on the bridge, inches from death, and the sky was thunderous. dead romantic.

    "its not my problem if you have the emotion capacity of a teaspoon!" ur good if u know whu said this. =P

  2. glad for you. always do

    good luck

  3. ahhahah. hanif u dun even noe who what why when am i talking about kan?

    it happened early this year. just for a month. i was single the single one that time. =)

    just to clear things up.