Sunday, 11 September 2011

There Will Come A Day

There will come a day,
When you would realize I had been right all along,
You would want to settle down and steer the right way,
Perhaps you would even find a guy like me,
Who is honest enough to tell what is yeay and nay,
For your happiness I shall always pray

There will come a day,
When you'd feel so lonely and cramped,
Everyone you call friend wouldn't give a damn,
You'd be lost as I was and happiness would decay,
Life without trust and honesty is hell,
You face smiles but really, you're an empty shell

There will come a day,
When you'd feel sorry for what you've done,
Sorry for putting pride and selfishness in front,
Viva la vida lonely ranger,
Do know that this parting is forever,
Grieves and tears won't bring back the years

There will come a day,
When I'd regret knowing you,
All the love spilled, and all the time we wasted,
What I'd regret most is the fact that you will change course,
You'll be a better person through and true,
But when that day comes, I'm no longer yours.

I've been nineteen once. Been there, done that.

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