Sunday, 15 January 2012

You're not my muse anymore

You break them like they're cheap glasses,
Just like my heart its now in pieces,
with you nothing is in their places

You brought my life such misery,
I thought you were meant for me,
Didn't know you were on with many

I don't wanna wake up to your shadow,
What's left of you is just sorrow,
You darkened my life,
You saddened my dreams
Now we're nothing but broken wings,
We were up so high,
When you chose to let go,
Now I'm back on the ground,
Spared my torn ego,
I won't look back,
You're not my muse anymore

You and me were just fantasies,
I was pain and you were agony,
Destiny's now just memories


  1. bukan patot you and "I" ke instead of "me"?
    hahaha annoying x aku?

  2. yes you are annoying. ahhaha. grammar isnt applied religiously in songs! aahahaha