Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Summer in Malaysia

So, here I am. 3 days away from my flight to Egypt.

I am neither sad nor happy. Extremely indifferent to the situation.

Considering I would not be coming back here for about 2 years and 3 months, the fact that I would miss my bestie's wedding, and also my brother's wedding... I should feel something? But sadly, (or should i feel thankful that I'm not on a nervous breakdown or something?) I am emotionally drained. To me, the holiday ended a long time ago. The school break was still on, but my heart longed to be back in Egypt. Back to the simple life I led there.

I guess only a few people know what I'm really going through. The experience that I got this year changed me. In a good way. Somehow I feel a bit more prepared for whatever the future holds. I've learnt that life is short - learn to appreciate the ones who appreciate you.

I have also learned that seriously, doubly seriously, if you don't have substance - love, passion, honesty, kindness, respect - you ain't going nowhere.

And lastly, friendship is the only bond that lasts (excluding family ties. that's never gonna break too, no matter how you don't like it). I thank Allah for granting me friendships that lasts since they started. To those  friends which i chose to let go, I believed it was for the best. These let-go's were heartbreaking, but necessary. I think. I don't know, but do believe that breaking a friendship is better than creating an enemy. Part ways, and move on different paths. No harm done whatsoever to our futures.

In the short span of two and a half months here in KL, I have gotten myself into a mixture of situations. There were times I felt love so great it was overwhelming - I never thought I would feel that way again. But I did, and still do. Thank you for never giving up on me. There were times when I had conflicts all around, and nobody was there for me but my depressing blog. *peluk blog kuat-kuat*. And there were family issues here and there, as usual, but through it all, we became closer to one another. Alhamdulillah.

I consider myself extremely lucky.

so yeah, I would like to end this entry with a few things I put in my wishlist for the coming academic year.
1) start taking guitar lessons. like really learn to play. I have a guitar in Egypt but never plucked a tune with it.
2) I wanna get serious at getting back in shape. seriously. doubly serious.
3) be a better person.

(academic la sgt wishlist aku kan?)

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