Sunday, 11 November 2012

Let's Talk About Professionalism.

The word professional does not adhere to a certain guidelines made by some crackpot fools. It depends on your surroundings. Say, if you were in war zone, wearing neckties and slacks are so out of place people might think you wanna die in style. Or making jokes in front of your customers is not a bad thing to do, if you're a clown. Yeah you get what I'm shitting bout here.

BUT, there are codes of communications which must be followed no matter who you are, as long as it is in your WORKING SPACE.

Respect. Making fun of your colleagues in front of your clients, so not professional. If you're a doctor, that's twice the sin. Jokes and respect should come hand in hand. If you are not able to do that, stop trying hard to make jokes in public. Its embarrassing and awkward, not only for you, but for the audience as well.

Dress code. Hey, Egyptian universities don't have specific dress codes. Not for classes, not for rounds. Even so, have you seen anyone wearing slippers to class? Yes you have. Yourself. Whoever you are, please stop wearing slippers to a formal educational institute. Its hard to take you seriously. I mean, seriously? Slippers and track bottoms to your medical classes? What were you thinking?

I have been taught that dressing up to the standard is not only for the myself, but also for the people around me. Stop making people feel awkward in your presence. That's the key.

Cleanliness. People, I know its winter now and the temperature is quite low in the mornings. PLEASE TAKE A BATH. OR STAY AWAY FROM PUBLIC PLACES. OR DIE. You are a pollution to the world. You stink and my nose bleeds when you pass by. Don't just bathe, please brush your teeth too. Nobody likes talking to a shithole. If you have medical problems like gingivitis or or diabetic ketoacidosis which make your breath stink as hell even after cleaning your mouth, do consult your doctor and meanwhile take every precaution to prevent bad breath. Oh yes, breakfast in the morning before you go out because if you don't, chances are that the rancid acidic smell from your stomach would escape through your mouth and people would call your "perut busuk". Not a pleasant thing.

p/s : labcoats are super cool and its so cool it makes you the most gorgeous guy in town. And its professional.

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  1. Assalamualaikum.

    Thanks for sharing. Agree to the max!! :)