Thursday, 24 March 2011


As I walked out the front door,
Rain caressed my hair,
I looked up to the sky and felt suddenly alone,
Nobody to shelter me,
Took a taxi and put on my earphones,
Rode the slow red car,
Waded through mud and water,
As more water sprinkled the windscreen,
Sad songs filled my ears,
Tried hard to hold my tears,
Looked down at my wet shoes,
Felt miserable and lonely,
Wished for a magic lamp to appear,
And grant my deepest desires,
To be at the back seat of that car,
With someone to hold my hand,
A shoulder for my heavy head,
A hand to wipe my fears,
And a voice to say this would all go away,
But the rain poured on,
And I was still next to the driver,
As lonely as ever

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