Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ni Kire Rasuah Ke?

Hello everyone, I am still thinking bout the concept I want to use for my new blog. But I think that shouldn't keep me from updating the posts right? *hello, baru 2 org je folo blog neh. mana lagi 50 lebih dari blog lama... =((((*

Anywayyyy, I am counting the days to my flight back to Egypt. Am officially sponsored by the Opposition-Led Selangor Government, and now I am queuing for some cash sponsor thingy by the UMNO of Selangor. I am indeed disturbed by the status of these contributions. I mean, they clearly have underlying intentions behind those gracious cheques. And there aren't that many political parties in Malaysia for me to choose from (haha, at least not as much as they have in Egypt and still Hosny Mubarak won majority by 96.6%. wtf sgt kan?). So now that I am eligible to vote in the coming general elections, Allah, help me choose wisely. Both parties, in my opinion, have their flaws.

If I were to choose any of them, would that be considered as a bribe? I know that if I don't choose any, I'm not doing my part as the citizen of this beautiful country.

... or perhaps I am thinking wayy too much. The money that they contribute aren't that much after all. Enough for some Zara or Topman. *pitam*

I've found a good use of the money I got from UMNO. This book called "Tun Mahathir : A Doctor In The House" was released earlier today. I know it is controversial, and perhaps might be banned later like "The Malay Dilemma". So I better get one today. Yeay! Excited to hear about DSAI's sex scandals!

Till next time. 


  1. *hello, baru 2 org je folo blog neh. mana lagi 50 lebih dari blog lama... =((((*

    >>i 'll follow senyap2 je. link to ur blog is bookmarked.
    (sila bg bookmark egypt se..tq!)<<ini baru rasuah!

  2. aku takot nak follow blog ko..sbb nanti kang blog aku kena hack

  3. ada pdf version x buku tu? nk baca =)