Saturday, 26 March 2011

Indonesia oh Indonesia...

Have ever felt utterly sick by a particular nation's actions? I don't know what they want to prove. Its like they're tryin to say that "hey byotch, u think u can do? i can do too u know". But the funny thing is, when we Malaysians innovate their arts peaceably, or claim sharing of identity on some of the Nusantara arts (in this case some of them were even here in Tanah Melayu long before the Republic of Indonesia was even created), they retaliate. Calling Malaysia as Malingsia and stuffs. Like we care.

This group really really really went against the nation's claim that they are original and creative. Thank you SM*SH. But really, you guys SUCK

oh, and tiba ada this funny parody from and by Indonesians. heeeee. not so blind are they.

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  1. udah2 jgn emo sgt doh. nnt ade gak mat2 hacker indon dtg buat kau lg serabut je.haha...and yes, they too are against the sm*sh group. cenat cenut~