Friday, 1 April 2011

How to say this eh?

"kakak if you happen to read this, I remember when we were so much younger, we set up the plastic pool in our bathroom and we invented our very own Sunway Lagoon which was called, SHALIA LAGOON. We even invented a song for it. Siap gaya lagu untuk promotion. It was totally ridiculous and we grew up without wanting to talk about it at all. Kalau tercakap terus rasa malu. Sebab ape ntah nanti disgrace ourself ke ape ntah. Tapi sekarang, come to think of it, it will definitely be one of my favorite childhood memory with you, kak."

The excerpt above was taken from one of my dearest friends' blog, Aliah or better known as Al the lawyer. I really do admire her writings because I know people who follow her blog could really feel what she's saying. Its a rare gift. How many writers you know could write something that you can really relate to yourself. Experiences long forgotten, too trifle to be noticed. Something that you unknowingly deny experiencing, merely by not mentioning it ever. 

I know I'm blabbing here, but have you seen the movie "Mukhsin"? There was this scene where the kids play bride and groom (read; kawen-kawen!) and I thought hey i did that! COME ON!! Anyone born in 1989 or before should have experienced it, or at least mock some other kids for being interested in the idea of kawen-kawen. Kan? Kan?

Here I am, trying to imitate Aliah Kama and Yasmin Ahmad when it comes to conveying things to the public. I want my stories to be understood, as soon as they reach my audience's senses for the first time, immediately.

I want you to step into my shoes, wear my t-shirt and jeans and start living my life exactly like I show you here. Have you ever held somebody's hand for the sake of warming your own hands, pretending like its a life-saving situation but your intention really was just to hold hands with that someone. Then you never noticed when or how or why you started to care for that person. You start wondering how those particular eyes see and interpret you. Have you ever feel torn deep inside because the person that you wish to be with is right in front of you but you just can't possibly tell how you feel because things are so damn complicated. Have you ever watched a person you really care for sleep for hours, you feel like you really really really want to wake the person up and loudly say "I love you" but you never do. If you have, welcome to my life.

p/s : Aliah i miss you.
pp/s : Yasmin Ahmad, aint nobody like you.


  1. kenape sedeh sgt last paragraph tuh? ;(

  2. mmg sedih pun... nk wat camner... dari jauh sudah