Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm Sorry I Lied. But...

There was a guy who had a prostate cancer. He appeared to be extraordinarily normal, because he had told no one about his sickness. The cancer was still in an early stage, that it had three major possible outcomes. The cancer, if he was lucky, could be extracted and he would be cured forever. But in case he wasn't, he might lose his chance to reproduce, or worse if it was spread to other organs and like any other cancers, might cause his death.

Though he was aware of his state, he fell in love with a beautiful girl. The only girl that could tone down his ego and melt him.The pretty girl was also his best friend at that time. He loved the girl with all his heart, and confessed it indirectly in a poem dedicated to the girl. She was really the first lass who made him feel fragile and crave for her presence.

Alas, the girl had never been in love before and didn't know how to properly react to his obvious signs. For some reasons, she could not accept the guy at the moment. So she decided to tell him off and say that it was a "no". Like every other guy in the world, that guy made his first mistake here. With his sickness, he should've either told her "We should just be friends," or simply "I have a cancer and I might die". Things would've turned out better if he had. But he was a guy. His ego was at its peak, so was his stupidity. So he said "I shall wait".

For months he was being persistent and kept wooing the girl, till she finally opened up her heart to accept him. It was hard for her to do it, because she had never done it to any other guys before. For the first time, someone had cared for her, bought her flowers and gifts, called her just to hear her voice. She was, though she never admitted it so far, in love. So was the guy. He finally had found someone to share his life with. A very cool beautiful girl whom he loved so much that he'd do anything for her happiness. For a few months, they were inseparable.

Then one day, the doctor called him and gave him the prognosis of his cancer. He had it removed about half a year ago, but somehow the cancer cells still lived within him and had spread to other parts of his body. He was confirmed to be impotent and if it is not treated soon, he would be terminally ill and perhaps die. Though his life and death were already in his daily reminders, the only thing he could think about was his relationship with the girl he loved. They had only been together for a year, perfectly together, for a year. A bit too perfect to be doomed with a news like impotency and death.

He was troubled in his sleeps. What would happen to her if they go on being a couple and later get married, only to share emotional love without experiencing physical contacts? Even the religion prohibits that kind of marriage. He felt a lot less masculine and insecure. His emotional stress sometimes were to hard to contain and the girl would notice. Again, he hid the truth from her and told her it was all okay. Then he thought, what would happen when things are not okay and he lying "its all good" would be insufficient?

So he took a daring step to end the relationship. He tried to appear cool about it. And told her the truth. The truth about him being cursed to not have any girl by his side. Even more when he believed that the only girl whom he should be with was the one he was letting go. 

She asked him "Do you love me?"
Yes. Yes. YES.
He said "I liked you".
She said, "Perhaps its too late to say this, but I've begun to love you"
I love you too. More than you can imagine.
He said "I'm sorry"

Knowing that telling her the truth would complicate things and she'd cling on to a dying man, and he knew at that point, she deserved another man. A real man who could make her happy. So there he lied yet again.

A few months of a perfect relationship wasn't a reason good enough to make her suffer for the rest of her life. He hoped that she'd find someone better. Someone who wouldn't lie to her...

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