Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Jangan buat keje bodoh atas treadmill

Ni entry a-la Che' Det lagi ni... Sebabnya masa suntuk, dan exam dekat dah, and I need to kill two fucking hours before I can sleep (sebab tadi baru makan ayam bersiram (firakh mandi) kat Hadral Maut yang memang maut)

ni la firakh mandi (mmg nama die camneh) fi al mat3am hadramoot

1) Never leave your clothes in somebody's room. And even worse if the person locks his room everytime he goes out. Verdict, pinjam seluar track orang masuk lecture hall. mewriyyahhh.

2) It seems like it has become a necessity for every single Egyptian society in the Fac. of Medicine @ Z.U. to celebrate their revolution. Come on! Move on already. There are many other things that could be done to uplift the revolution spirit.

3) NEVER listen to Wondergirls' "Nobody Nobody" while you are on the treadmill. Mood nak buat nobody nobody tuh boleh datang bila-bila masa, and natijahnya, kaki terpele'ot dan tergolek, hence memalukan diri depan masyarakat.

Siti buek takpo. ekau atas treadmill, jangan buek kojo bodo

4) Everytime I look into the mirror, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "Lovehandles, cepat la ilang". It has been a month since I joined the gym, somehow it is easier to grow muscles rather than shedding fat. Benci.

5) Exam is drawing ever nearer, alhamdulillah, I have all the support I could possibly hoped for from my classmates. Shaaaayang study group Class C. Studying in a group is a new thing for me. Never knew its this good. And many many thanks to doctor you-know-who from the pathology department for his guidance and tireless effort at teaching us the slides and jars. (tamau bagitau nama sebab nanti semua nk pinjam doc yang best nih. get your own!)

6) There is going to be an Arabian themed dinner this friday, and I haven't got anything that suits the theme. Tried out some stuffs. Tak macam arab, macam bangladeshi. pffft. Thank you super-hot egyptian sun.

7) Talking about the weather, this year's is definitely the best in my three years here. We have entered summer, but clouds are still around most of the times, and the wind is still cold. Alhamdulillah, please please continue being pleasant till August, or better, forever.

8) Tremco Zagazig - Mansoura is 4LE/ person. (used to be 3.50LE). Funny enough, somebody blamed Syamsuddin bin Faruok for going to Mansoura too often and made the tremco society think they should charge more.

9) Had a pharmacology test this morning, and it wasn't bad at all. =D sukeeeee. harap2 exam final kuar camtuh la eh.

10) My hands and feet are starting to be dehydrated and shedding at some parts. Need to buy cream/lotion. Someone remind me, please?


  1. 2) It seems like it has become a necessity for every single Egyptian society in the Fac. of Medicine @ Z.U. to celebrate their revolution. Come on! Move on already. There are many other things that could be done to uplift the revolution spirit.

    do you have any ideas ,.... we already launched many initiatives ,... but new ideas are greatly welcomed ,....
    btw. our Prime minister founded a bank for new ideas ,,,. a great effort is done by such a great man.

  2. dear Ahmed,
    revolution in my opinion, means changing to be better. since the kuliyyah opened, there were at least 6 similar celebrations held by different societies. and all of them were mostly the same stuffs, simply posters and drawings, pictures, and of course, the loudspeakers.

    everyone is talking about changing, but i see that if the changes were to happen on for a short period, y bother changing? I see that the cleanliness campaign does not go on after a while.

    here are some ideas, why not making real changes, like making the faculty of medicine a permanent non-smoking area. or perhaps reach out to the public by making charity programs, or free medical checkups for children in school. or at least, hold an anti-vandalism campaign. I see that the medical faculty's futsal court had been repaired several times since i came in, and now it is still in bad shape, and somehow, all the blinders in the lecture halls are damaged.

    celebrating the rise of a new nation is good, but when everyone is busy celebrating, who is doing the real changes to your country? (a bank of ideas is an admirable effort. but seriously, egypt has 80 million citizens. one citizen has lots of ideas already, how many would be considered by the government?)

  3. lol in the first place, diorg psg lagu wondergirls kat gym?

  4. benci baca komen berkaler hitam di atas kanvas grey pekat kehitam2an..

    (micinmyearphones - does speak, does listen)

  5. maliq, no dear, dengar kat mp3. lol. lagu yg best buat jogging is hatin on the club rihanna haha

    hanam, dah tukar. ESPECIALLY for you :P

  6. well Syam , i do agree with you , in most of the points you mentioned

    but to tell you we in MSC if you are following our activities made most of the ideas you mentioned.

    i also get pissed off those who keep celebrating with loud speakers , as you said we are all busy with celebrations and no one has time to build up , but we are paying extra effort to direct all our colleagues to make good use of that Spirit & invest it in useful activities , for example , we are planning for Zagazig university National project in summer holiday , in which we will choose a poor village and try to develop it from all aspects , and all univ. students will join this , we will put a module and apply it to the whole poor villages InsyAllah ,

    it just takes time , and i believe in something "Changing is very difficult , but not impossible "

    and about the blinders you can ask Doc. Omar to fix it ,..... you are paying for this .

    and finally the ideas bank , are being studied and the best applicable cost effective ones are being executed.

    hope the coming will be better insyAllah

  7. hello bemo, yeap2. im not saying that everyone is not doing the right thing. just most are simply unaware of it.

    i hate to say this but has anyone been to mansoura university and see how FAAAR Z.U. is from being like mansoura? its clean, the amenities are functioning well, and they have so many projects outside the university.

    that project of yours bemo indeed sounds very very very cool. i hope it goes well.

    about fixing the blinders... no matter how many times we fix them, they would be torn to pieces. we need an anti-vandalism campaign.